Eating a vegan donut at
Donut Bar San Diego
Hi. I'm Maggie. By day I'm an Associate Professor of Psychology at a small liberal arts school called Earlham College. However, I LOVE to cook delicious vegan food, so by night you'll find me (usually) in my kitchen, cooking something delicious for dinner or to share with those I love, at least before I head back to grading or lecture-writing or article-reading or an on-campus event. 

So, why did I start this blog? To be perfectly honest, I started this blog because my ex-wife pestered me enough to do so. So many people would ask her what she was eating for lunch (usually dinner leftovers) and then when she'd share, they'd ask for the recipe, and I think she just got tired of trying to get me to remember to give people recipes. 

But this blog has a bigger purpose, too. There are a number of people I know who want to cut down on their meat consumption but don't want to become veg*n (for future reference, this means vegan or vegetarian) full time. And that's fine by me. Veganism works for me, and has been working since 2001. But veganism doesn't work for everyone. However, cutting down on the amount of meat you consume can do wonders for your health (no cholesterol in vegan meals!), for animals (no one had to die for your plate), for people (world hunger and antibiotic resistance are serious issues), and for the environment (CAFOs, or Confined Animal Feedlot Operations - from where the VAST majority of meat that Americans consume originates, are gigantic environmental hazards). I post more information about this on the "Why Vegan?" page. This blog is a way for people I know (and those I don't know) to attempt new recipes that someone has cooked and enjoyed. 

The basic idea is as follows. I (occasionally? often? sporadically!) post vegan recipes that I eat and love and make for people I love. Some important notes: 
  • About half of what is posted here are recipes I've created, but if not, I'll tell you where they're from. The ones starting with "Maggie's ..." are always mine, but some of the others are, too. With that said, I am a good cook, but nothing special. Besides, there are a ridiculous number of vegan blogs where truly creative cooks post new recipes. 
  • I tag each post with labels (aka tags) to help categorize them. You can use the labels to find new recipes like ones you've tried and liked. 
  • Every so often, a recipe may call for something that you don't have on hand in your kitchen. While most of the ingredients I cook with are normal to me, they aren't for everyone. However, the vast majority of ingredients in my recipes can be found at a well-stocked grocery store. If something shows up in a recipe and you don't know what it is - reach out with your questions!