Label Glossary

People who read blogs regularly probably notice things like tags on blog entries. If you haven't noticed them, I (along with many bloggers) use tags as a way to categorize and organize the various posts I have. This is a different way of organizing from my Recipe Index, as some tags cross types of recipes (e.g., the "summer" tag could apply to a dinner AND a dessert). Since I use tags, I figured it would be convenient to have a glossary explaining each of the tags I use. In addition, you can click on each of the tags and see only those recipes associated with the tag you clicked.
  • #evenShana: recipes that Shana has successfully cooked, meaning they are appropriate for novice/nervous cooks
  • Appetizer: foods that are appetizers or could work as appetizers
  • Autumn: recipes that are full of autumn produce (e.g., squash, apples) or flavors (e.g., warm and round)
  • Bests-approved: recipe eaten & enjoyed by our omnivorous best friends (aka The Bests), who have very different food preferences than we do - something good for a broad range of folks
  • Breakfast: foods for breakfast
  • Convenience ingredients: recipes that use items like canned beans, or other things you could make yourself, but are easy to buy pre-made in the store
  • Crockpot: foods in the crockpot
  • CSA: this will include posts about our weekly CSA shares, but also recipes made with or inspired by CSA ingredients
  • Dinner party: recipes that seem fancy enough to serve to guests, regardless of how complicated they actually are
  • Dorm-friendly: recipes easily made in a kitchen with minimal tools (e.g., a knife, cutting board, a pan or skillet, maybe a baking dish)
  • Faux meat product: a recipe that uses something like fake burger crumbles, fake bacon, etc. 
  • Freezer-friendly: recipes that freeze well - portion them and have delicious meals for later!
  • General groceries: recipes that require only ingredients you should be able to find in a well-stocked grocery store
  • Gluten-free (option): recipes that are gluten free, or could be by replacing something like regular pasta for a gluten-free pasta (e.g., brown rice pasta)
  • Heritage: something that stems from Shana's or my family traditions
  • Holidays: a dish or item most frequently made for some kind of holiday (generally Christmas or Passover on my blog)
  • Instant Pot: recipes with instructions for the Instant Pot (or other electric pressure cookers)
  • International flair: recipes that have flavors not traditionally associated with standard American foods
  • Kitchen tools: wherein I talk about a specific kitchen tool and why/how I use it
  • Lazy Dinner: a series, but really any meal that's quick and easy, often things I eat on my own when Shana's not home
  • Legumes: a recipe including beans, lentils, or peanuts
  • LesVegan Scoop: a post wherein I explain something about what's been going on with me or my life (more so than I do in a standard post)
  • Mini-munchers: something I think a kid (or someone with a kid's palate) would enjoy
  • Seitan: a recipe that uses seitan as a primary ingredient
  • Snacks: snacks
  • Soup: soup
  • Soy free (option): a recipe that is already soy free, or could be (e.g., by making sure a veggie broth is soy free)
  • Speedy: something that takes less than 30 minutes from start to nom
  • Springrecipes that are full of spring produce (e.g., leafy greens, peas) or flavors (e.g., light and clean)
  • Summerrecipes that are full of summer produce (e.g., peppers, green beans) or flavors (e.g., bright and fresh)
  • Sweets: generally sweet things, usually desserts, but not always
  • Tofu: a recipe that uses tofu as a primary ingredient
  • Vegan basics: posts that include information helpful to those starting out with vegan food and/or cooking
  • Vegan potluck: posts with recipes that have come from other vegans at our monthly vegan potluck or that we have taken to vegan potluck
  • Vegan Viands: a series, but anything that is a fun and tasty dish
  • Winterrecipes that are full of winter produce (e.g., storage veggies) or flavors (e.g., heavy, rich)

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