28 May 2014

Lazy Dinner "Turkey" Club

I'm teaching a May Term class for the first time right now (May Terms are a single class taught over 16 days). Since I've never taught a class like this, I had no idea how much work it would be. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the class and my students (they are such a great bunch!), I'm just more busy and tired than I anticipated I would be after the semester ended. In addition, my busyness is overlapping with an increase in temperatures, which always makes me not want to eat any of the things we've been eating over the winter. Hot weather foods are hard.

Tonight, we opted to deviate from our meal plan, as neither one of us was interested in cooking or eating our planned dinner. Instead, we had Shana's all time favorite food from her college dining hall: "turkey" clubs. We actually started eating these sandwiches a while ago when Shana suddenly realized that we had all the vegan ingredients to make this sandwich. Most likely, it was Shana's discovery that vegan mayonnaise is delicious. In fact, I was admonished to tell you all that Shana has "very strong feelings" about vegan mayo. Actually, most people who try it think it's as good (or better) than non-vegan mayo. I don't feel as strongly as she does, but then again, I never really ate mayo in my pre-vegan days.

This is the ultimate in Lazy Dinners because the only cooking you need to do is the "bacon" and toasting the bread. Other than that, you just slap stuff together. Anyway, since I said I was busy, enough blabbering, here's the food!

Vegan "Turkey" Club
2 slices vegan bread
3 slices vegan "turkey"
2 slices vegan "bacon"
vegenaise (or vegan butter) to taste

1. Make the bacon per package directions. I use the toaster oven.
2. Toast the bread.
3. Spread (or slather, if that's your deal) vegenaise and/or butter on the bread.
4. Lay down the turkey slices, lettuce, and bacon, top with the other slice of bread.

Helpful Hints
  • I already mentioned the vegan mayo we use, but there are other brands out there. 
  • We use Lightlife brand vegan bacon and vegan turkey because they are sold in our local grocery store. Lightlife is one of the more common specialty food brands, but again, there are other options for sure. 
  • If you want to add other ingredients to the sandwich, go for it. I'm sure that tomato would be delicious if you're a tomato-on-sandwiches person. We're not. 
  • Careful readers will note that I made sure to say vegan bread in the ingredient list above. The vast majority of store-bought sandwich breads are not vegan. They either have milk or honey in them. Because of this difficulty, I'm going to try to start making my own sandwich bread, but not until AFTER my May Term. 
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