24 September 2016

Maggie's Stir Fry Sauce

The first day of fall has come and gone, but it sure doesn't feel like it's fall in Indiana. We've had temperatures in the mid to upper 80s all this past week. So while I've been staring longingly at all of the soups and stews I cook in the fall, it's just not happening for a while. Instead, we have been cooking like it's summer, using all sorts of fresh veggies and flavors.

Since I've been so ready for fall, I couldn't keep making the same summer dishes. Instead, building on Shana's love of Asian flavors, we had an excellent stir fry tonight! With a ton of veggies and light and flavorful sauce, we enjoyed it immensely tonight. This is something we'll be sure to eat again, plus the recipe is a great base for all sorts of experimentation.

Maggie's Stir Fry Sauce
5 T. low-sodium soy sauce
2 T. Braggs liquid aminos
2 T. hoisin sauce
4 T. water
2-3 cloves of garlic
dash of ginger
2 T. cornstarch

Combine all ingredients in a glass jar and shake well to combine. After all of the veggies (see Helpful Hints) in your stir fry are ready, shake the sauce again and then add it to the pan and stir until thick.

Helpful Hints
  • In our stir fry tonight, we had onion, carrot, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, bamboo shoots, bok choy, spinach, and tofu. In the wok, I cooked the veggies in this order, but cooked the tofu on a nonstick griddle. We served this all over rice. 
  • As you can see, this sauce has nothing spicy in it at all. If you wanted to kick up the heat a bit, you could add some red pepper flakes or sriracha or something similar.  
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