05 March 2017

Lazy Dinner Quesadillas

It's been quiet around these here parts, huh? I've got all sorts of backlogged recipes, plus, when spring rolls around I get sick of everything we've been eating over the winter, but still no blog posts. Sad for me (and you!).

But, here's a quick and easy Lazy Dinner (or lunch or snack or appetizer or whatever) to tide you all over until I actually get around to posting real things: quesadillas.

Lazy Dinner Quesadillas were something I would periodically eat when Shana was still working in Indianapolis. Without a plan to come home and make/eat dinner, I would often stay at school until mid-evening and then come home famished. I needed something that would fill my tummy in as little time as possible. By relying on a few convenience foods (e.g., vegan cheese shreds and store-bought tortillas), all I needed was a veggie or two (or three) to throw into the mix. Into a hot pan went my ingredients and a satisfying dinner emerged in under 5 minutes.

This particular LD Quesadilla was prompted by just a few caramelized onions left over from mujaddara we had with friends a few nights ago. The onions are soooooo good that we just couldn't waste them. Adding a few ripped spinach leaves and some vegan cheese and I was all set.

Lazy Dinner Quesadillas
2 tortillas per person
1/4 c. vegan cheese
veggies of choice - very small amounts

1. Lightly oil a skillet and place one tortilla in the pan.
2. Spread 1/2 of the vegan cheese on the tortilla.
3. Sprinkle/spread veggies over the cheese, then add the remaining cheese.
4. Top with the remaining tortilla.
5. Cook over medium heat for 3-ish minutes per side, or until tortilla has crisped and the cheese has begun to melt.

Helpful Hints
  • You really only need a small amount of veggies. For example, I used 4 baby spinach leaves and maybe a tablespoon or two of caramelized onions. 
  • This is gluten-free if you use a gluten-free wrap and Daiya brand vegan cheese. 
  • This is soy-free if you make sure your tortillas are soy-free and use Daiya brand vegan cheese.
  • Many veggies would work in this! If you've got quick-cooking raw veggies, like spinach or peppers, no need to have them pre-cooked. For longer cooking veggies (e.g., broccoli, onion, etc.) make sure they are pre-cooked. Just save a tiny bit from another meal.
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